Fuisa Trade Ltd., is professional independent wholesale company based in Hungary, in the heart of Center-Eastern Europe, from where we deliver most of our products.
We know the importance of the right price on the market, therefore, we would be happy to offer you our assortment with competitive prices and high level of service.



Worldwide business-to-business parallel trade of branded fast-moving and luxury consumables goods.
Focusing on export-import and re-export.


Multinational producers regularly turn to us when faced with overproduction (stocklots). This might caused by shelf life problems, packaging changing, shop returns or non-budgeted overproduction. As these products cannot be sold via the regular retail channel, we offer them to alternative channels. We create opportunities to discretely sell these A brand products, both nationally and internationally, through alternative retail channels.



We buy and sell parallely. The company primarily supply the highest quality of imported products of the world’s biggest brands to our clients.


We are in close business-relation with numerous domestic and international companies from all over the European Union. Our experiences, extended relationships, success and effective business-management prove the viability of international, volume trade to the company. Our customers are as well the potential wholesalers of the Hungarian market, as all of our domestic partners are the largest Hungarian wholesalers and distributors of branded household products, We have customers from all over the world. We cooperate with:

  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • International C&C networks
  • International retail shop chains


We offer you our full service range, deliver to any place in whole Europe, repacking, labeling and distribution upon request.